Uncover Panama’s Hidden Jewels


Panama is a jewel set between the American continents. It has enriched landscapes, exuberant biodiversity, and a tapestry of vibrant cultures. Embera Tours, on the other hand, is an entryway to the heart and soul of Panama. Join us in the great adventure of discovering natural wonders and cultural marvels within this country.


Knowing about the Culture of Embera Indigenous

Step into a world where time stands still and tradition is a legacy passed down through the ages. Now, you can embrace the authentic culture of Panamanian indigenous communities with Embera Tours. Every interaction—from their dances, attire, and overall regalia to their artisanal crafts—gives you a vivid picture of the heart of Panama.


Discovering the Rainforest

Panama is part of the Earth’s most biodiverse place, and its dense rainforests will let you get a look at the natural beauty of the country. Come with us into the jungle’s depths; you will be destined to meet giant trees, tumbling waterfalls, and rare wildlife. From an Embera Tour, each hike is an adventure, and every moment is spent within nature.


Cruising Pristine Waterways

The rivers in Panama will simply be seen as the lifelines of this country, running through dense rainforests and linking to remote villages. Via Embera Tours, travelers on river safaris will float down an undisturbed current via traditional dugout canoes to grasp the calmness of nature. Along the way, one would most likely come across thriving birdlife, playful monkeys, and even elusive jaguars for an unforgettable experience.


Authentic Embera Village Experience If you want to be really touched by the country’s indigenous roots, visiting an Embera village is a must. Through Embera Tours, one can experience traditional customs and take part in age-old rituals with local families. One will have the opportunity not only to try native dishes but also to master skills in making quite unusual crafts by themselves.



Panama Ecotourism at Its Best


At Embera Tours, we pledge to operate responsible and sustainable tourism. The quality of natural beauty in Panama is guaranteed through our accountable and ecological practices for the future. On a trip with Embera Tours, travelers will not only discover but also partake in the very conservation required to protect the richly endowed ecosystems of Panama.

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime. Panama is a land of endless possibilities: hidden adventure around every corner. Whether trekking deep into the rainforest, lounging on pristine beaches, or traveling through history in old towns, Embera Tours is your best companion to discover all of them. Discover with us the secrets of Panama and create memories that last forever. Plan your dream journey to Panama today Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Contact Embera Tours to plan your dream trip to Panama. Join us, as with the help of our expert guides, customized itineraries, and unbeatable service, your journey to Panama will be a remarkable one.



 Experience the magic of Panama with Embera Tours. Your adventure awaits.